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How to Truncate a Floating Point Number

Using this function:

def truncate(number: float, max_decimals: int) -> float:
int_part, dec_part = str(number).split(".")
return float(".".join((int_part, dec_part[:max_decimals])))

n = 7.123456
print(truncate(n, 2)) # 7.12
print(truncate(n, 1)) # 7.1
print(truncate(n, 4)) # 7.1234

The first argument is the number whose decimals you want to truncate, while the second argument indicates the number of decimals you want to preserve. Note that the function truncates the decimals, but does not round them. To round a floating point number, see How to Round a Number.

To remove all decimals, just cast the number to an integer via int():

n = 7.123456
print(int(n)) # 7

float conversion integers

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