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How to Get Used/Free/Total Disk Space

Using the disk_usage() function from the psutil library.

On Windows:

import psutil

disk_usage = psutil.disk_usage("C:\\")

On Linux:

import psutil

disk_usage = psutil.disk_usage("/")

Then you can fetch the usage data (expressed in bytes) with disk_usage.used, disk_usage.free and disk_usage.total:

def to_gb(bytes):
"""Convert bytes to gigabytes."""
return bytes / 1024**3

print("Total space: {:.2f} GB.".format(to_gb(disk_usage.total)))
print("Free space: {:.2f} GB.".format(to_gb(disk_usage.free)))
print("Used space: {:.2f} GB.".format(to_gb(disk_usage.used)))
print("Percentage of used space: {}%.".format(disk_usage.percent))

Remember to install psutil first by running:

pip install psutil

psutil disk monitoring